Over the next 5 years, Techcombank has the ambition to become the strongest banking brand in Vietnam and in the region, aiming to reach 1 billion USD of brand value. This is captured clearly in our vision of “Change Banking, Change Lives”. With this vision, Techcombank is committed to reinventing ourselves, leading digital transformation in the banking industry and embarking on the journey to become the next generation bank;

In order to bring alive our vision, we are now on a journey to create a compelling, distinctive and consistent brand story for Techcombank through our brand positioning "Be Greater". With the desire to convey "Be Greater" to our customers in a clearer and meaningful way, Techcombank officially launched a brand communication campaign with core message “Be Greater Always - Achievements of today are just the start of the greater ones”.

Derived from the question "Is success a final destination or a door opening a new opportunity?", our customer’s choice is not to hesitate to move forward to conquer every journey ahead - it's the choice of “Be Greater” spirit. Our customers are in an era of opening up, an era of exponential opportunity and want to capitalize on new opportunities and new influences that are waiting for them. They embrace the future-forward thinking and constantly questioning the current offerings and seek upward movement. Being the customer’s partner-in-progress, Techcombank always transforms to recognize and celebrate our people in their current great states, enable them to strive for being greater.

Our life is made of ambition. Thus, we keep accelerating for more greatness.
Celebrating the current success, we step on to the higher triumph.


Reaching our life goal, we keep building up monumental achievement.



Hitting the peak, we start to conquer the greater height.


Because Achievements of today are just the start of the greater ones.
Techcombank - Be Greater!

That is the message that Techcombank wishes to convey: A journey of daily progress is a will to become greater. From continuous releases of separate products and services to meet the ever-changing needs and experiences of customers, to “Run for a Greater Vietnam” through the Techcombank International Marathon in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi and the active implementation of CSR programs, every program or solution that Techcombank offers is always in line with our brand positioning.

On the journey of “Be Greater”, Techcombank is committed to  continuing enabling individuals, businesses and corporations to progress and thrive sustainably.