1. Common scam scenarios

    Taking over genuine user's social network accounts (Zalo, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.) and sends messages to friends and relatives of account owners requesting money transfer
    Impersonating travel agencies/ airline ticket office to offer “cheap travel combo” and scam customers to transfer money to buy services
Impersonating famous brands on the e-commerce platform and selling products at extremely cheap prices, or fake warranty packages to scam customers into transferring money to order
Impersonating a Law enforcement officer of Police, Court, or an authoritative individual of General Department of Taxation, Electrical company, school, hospital, etc. to scam customers who need to pay electricity bills, hospital/ tuition, or tax fees.



2. How do these scams work?

Fraudsters make people trust and lose their vigilance when transferring money because the beneficiary bank account information MATCH or COMPATIBILITY with:

The owner’s name of the social network account

The name of travel agencies such as ABC TRAVEL AGENCY, XYZ AIRLINE TICKET OFFICE

Brand name such as THE GIOI DI DONG, DIEN MAY XANH

 The name of state agencies/organizations such as Police, Court, General Department of Taxation, Electricity company, school, hospital, etc.


3. How to protect yourself?

  • DO NOT send money to people you don’t know. Always be wary of requests to transfer money from acquaintances, requests to pay service bills via social networks. 
  • Directly contact family members/ friends at known phone numbers; official hotline of state organizations/agencies to avoid money transfer scams.
  • Be cautious of service offers with very cheap prices that sound too good to be true, especially services that require an advance fee.
  • DO NOT share your e-Bank account & Card (Card number, CVV, Expiry Date & OTP) details even if the person claims to be a Bank representative. Techcombank never asks you for these details.
  • Carefully research the information and only make transactions at genuine websites/apps (available on the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS) of service companies

For further information, follow the Guidelines for prevention of financial scams


Please report fraudulent activities or fraud attacks to Techcombank in the following ways: 

  • Call hotline 24/7: 1800 588 822 (local) or 84-24-39446699 (international)
  • Go to the nearest branches to lock your card, e-banking account in time when it is suspected that a thief has stolen information.
  • Mailbox: Call_Center@techcombank.com.vn
    In addition, we recommend that you report to the nearest police station or follow the instructions in the "Instructions on denunciation of crimes" section of the Ministry of Public Security's website (http://bocongan.gov.vn or http://mps.gov.vn)