With the purpose to create good conditions for customers borrowing  easily and reducing financial pressure, Techcombank cooperates with Vingroup Corporation in the project Vinhomes Gardenia “Sunshine city - Where your happiness begins” with the preferential program when borrowing to buy apartment:

  • Interest rate 0% during first 24 months.
  • Long loan tenor up to 25 years
  • Loans up to 70 % of the apartments
  • An original term and free early repayment during interest rate support
  • Assess documents simply and flexibly.
  • Instant gift is credit card with the credit limits up to 500 millions dong.

(*) Terms and conditions applied

Vinhome Gardenia (other names: Vinhomes Garden City, Vinhomes My Dinh or Vinhomes Green City) is the combined project with investment from Vingroup Corporation that including luxurious apartment, office, trade center and service, which is located on Tran Duy Hung Street:

  • Favorable locations on the front of Ham Nghi Street at the My Dinh Center – the area is called “ The Heart of Thang Long” where gathers energy, wealth and affluence.
  • A user-friendly system is composed of 66 special services: 10 unique gardens, kindergarten, Vinschool Primary School, Vinmart Supermarket, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming-pool….
  • Apartment is consulted by CPG (Singapore) that plays an advisory role about renowned architecture in this field with many airy sides and light to ensure living space always pure and fulfilled with natural light.
  • Enjoy preferential treatment from the investor: VinEco’s clean vegetables in 3 months, a 50 million dong scholarship from Vinschool