Parents all desire a successful future for their children. With Techcombank’s Financial Capacity Demonstration and Study Loan product, parents and students will get end-to-end support for financing their overseas study.
At the preparation stage, customers will get support in:
- Demonstrating the family’s financial capacity as part of the admission process
- Getting funding to cover overseas study expenses
During their time studying abroad, students will:
- Get internship opportunities at Techcombank if they want to
Upon graduation, the students will be given priority consideration to:
- Become a management trainee of Techcombank
- Become an official employee of Techcombank
These benefits apply to all customers who have used our Financial Capacity Demonstration and Study Loan product since 2011 and new customers.
To get the above benefits, pleaseemail your CV to:
Mail subject: Internship-StudyLoan