With the aim of adding convenience for customers and protecting customers’ interests, Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) provides an online service for looking up letter of guarantees at this website address. Enterprises will be able to verify basic information and authenticity of a letter of guarantee in just 30 seconds and free of charge.
From January 1st, 2014, customers and beneficiaries of guarantees issued by Techcombank can save time searching and verifying the authenticity of letter of guarantees with the online lookup function on Techcombank’s website, thereby conducting transactions with partners quickly, protecting the beneficiary’s legal interests and business continuity.
To perform the lookup, you do not need to apply for internet banking service; rather,  simply input the reference and serial numbers on letter of guarantee in the tab “letter of guarantee lookup” on Techcombank’s  website.
Techcombank has strived for professionalism in line with international standards to best serve our customers. The bank has a worldwide system of correspondent banks with over 8,000 banks and branches in 140 countries and has been constantly “refreshing” our trade finance services. Currently, Techcombank is one of a few joint stock banks in Vietnam which offer online letter of guarantee lookup function. With simple conditions, , flexible and diverse guarantee types and collateral policies, and rapid procedures, our guarantee service is a practical solution that helps enterprises with better liquidity, promoting trade, and facilitating their manufacture and business activities.
Techcombank’s ongoing efforts in diversifying and improving service qualityhave been well recognized by many reputable organizations, especially in the field of trade finance. In 2013, for example, the Bank was awarded the Best Trade Finance Bank in Vietnam 2013 by Global Banking and Finance Review.