Techcombank would like to announce that from May 31st 2013, the current SMS service number - 19001590 will be changed to 8049. Customers using inquiry service - home-banking and mobile internet banking - F@st-mobipay will send SMS to 8049 if they want to inquire information or pay bills.
Syntax of Home-banking, F@st-mobipay services with the number of 8049 is as below:

Service SMS syntax to 8049
Inquire about account balance TCBTK◡ account number ◡ password
Password: is Home-banking password provided when customers apply for using the service
Inquire about 5 most recent transactions TCBGD◡ account number ◡ password
Inquireabout  interest rate TCBLS
Pay FPT’s ADSL bill
Inquire about FPT’s ADSL bill
TCBTT◡ FPT ◡ (contract number) ◡ (amount of money)
TCBHD◡ FPT ◡(ADSL contract number)
Make purchase on TCBTT ◡ (bill code) ◡ (amount of money)
Purchase Vcoin for game account at VTC TCBTT ◡ VTC ◡ (account name) ◡ (amount of money) 
Top up of mobile phone account (carriers: Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel, Sfone, EVN Telecom)

Top up customer’s own phone account:
NAP denomination
Top up another person’s phone account:
NAP denomination subscriber-number

  • Denomination: top-up denomination, including VN10, VN20, VN30, VN50, VN100, VN200, VN300, VN500 corresponding to top-up amount: VND 10,000; VND 20,000; VND 30,000; VND 50,000; VND 100,000; VND 200,000; VND 300,000; VND 500,000.

For example:
To top up VND 100,000 in customer’s mobile balance, send SMS with syntax: NAP VN100
To top up VND 50,000 in phone number 0912345678, send SMS with syntax: NAP VN50 0912345678

Pay postpaid mobile phone bills (Mobifone, Viettel) Pay customer’s own postpaid mobile phone bill:
TCBTT ◡ BILL ◡ amount of money
Pay another persons postpaid mobile phone bill:
TCBTT ◡ BILL ◡ phone number ◡ amount of money

Note: ◡ space character
For further details, please contact 1800588822 (24/7 toll free) or 04 3942 7444.