Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Techcombank) would like to announce and congratulate prize winners in the 2nd Round of the Program “Superfast Money Transfer, Shocking Gifts” which takes place from August 21st to September 20th, 2014.

I. List of winners:
No. Name of customer                   ID No.              Prize
1     LANH THI DINH                      *****5462         Samsung Galaxy S5
2     DO TRUNG TUAN                  *****7265         Samsung Galaxy S5
3     MAI VAN HOANG                   *****2376         VND 1 million in cash
4     DAO THI BICH THAO             *****6653         VND 1 million in cash
5     NGUYEN THI THANH THUY  *****9102         VND 1 million in cash
6     LUONG DUY HOAI                 *****5698         VND 1 million in cash
7     DUONG TRUONG SON         *****9671         VND 1 million in cash
8     NGUYEN THI MAI PHUONG  *****6532         VND 500,000 in cash
9     NGUYEN THU HIEN               *****1968         VND 500,000 in cash
10   NGUYEN PHAN TRUNG        *****1078         VND 500,000 in cash
11   LUONG THI HOA DAO           *****4272         VND 500,000 in cash
12   VU NGOC HA                         *****6063         VND 500,000 in cash
13   NGUYEN THI THU THUY       *****2234         VND 500,000 in cash
14   NGUYEN NGOC TUAN ANH *****8616         VND 500,000 in cash
15   TRAN LE HUYEN                   *****3445         VND 500,000 in cash
16   VO THI KIM LANG                 *****0297          VND 500,000 in cash
17   TRAN THI THANH LOAN      *****2399          VND 500,000 in cash

II. List of winners of fee refund prize: Please see the list here 

II. Announcement of the award presentation
Techcombank will present 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phones to 2 winners at Lang Son and Ngoc Lam branches, tentatively on October 22nd, 2014.
Customers winning cash prize will receive the prize via transfer to customers’ accounts registered with Techcombank within 30 days from announcement of the winner list.