Techcombank on 17 November 2014 officially launchs a completely new Mobile Banking feature with Money transfer via Facebook and Google+ in partnership with Fastacash Singapore. This is the very first service to be introduced in Vietnam and exclusively offered by Techcombank using Fastacash technology. With a modern banking interface, this platform not only provides a convenient banking service but also a pleasant experience of interaction with family and friends via social networks with applications which allow pictures, videos, audio are sent along with the transaction.

Money transfer via Facebook and Google+ can be compatible with iOS (version 6.1 or later) or Android (version 4.1 or later). Just come to our Techcombank branch to apply and download “F@st Mobile” on Apple Store or Google Play to mobile phone and enjoy our convenient service ever offered, specifically:

Instant money transfer via Facebook, Google+ or SMS along with messages, pictures, videos and audio.  Customer may transfer to and receive money from their friends, and family members who are connected on Facebook and Google+ or listed in the phone contacts (for SMS).
To transfer money, customer should sign in F@st Mobile, select “Social networks”, select recipients from social networks or phone contacts and enter the amount of money want to send. User afterward will get a notification via social networks or SMS.
To receive the money, customershould visit our Techcombank branches or our ATM, enter the security code provided by us to their mobile phone.
Cardless ATM: With a mobile device connected to Internet, customer  can transfer and receive money at an ATM without using a bank card. Particularly, customer is recommended to signs in F@st Mobile, selectscash withdrawal at ATM. The system with provide the recipient with  a code which is required to used   together with and the  amount of money to be transferred. Techcombank system then will make an automatic notice  to recipient’s mobile with second code right after receiving the first code for reconfirmation. Once both codes are confirmed, =ATM will release cash.

In addition to the 2 above outstanding features, Techcombank’s F@st Mobile is also linked to choice of:
  • Account balance query.
  • Transaction query.
  • Intra-Techcombank transfer, money transfer and receipt via identity card.
  • Security: customer may create a security code for each transaction to ensure the money is directed correctly to the recipient. The recipient must enter this code correctly to withdraw cash.
  • Techcombank’s ATM location and promotion programs, etc.

The new outstanding features developed with F@st Mobile once again showcase Techcombank’s leading position in technological improvement over the past years. The bank continually innovates and spearheads the trend to diversify its products to meet customers’ increasing needs and optimize utilities to differentiate us from others. With F@st Mobile, Techcombank will bring you an experience of cutting-edge and convenient banking service.

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