With a desire to improve service quality and understand customers continuously, Techcombank implements the program "You share, Techcombank listens" to receive opinions and acknowledge customers' experiences with Techcombank's products and services in recent years. Attractive gifts are e-voucher Gotit worth up to 5 million VND which will be given to lucky customers participating in the program.


Participants: >900 thousand Customers randomly selected from Techcombank's system
Implement time: 04/10/2022-24/10/2022 (*)           
Implement method: Customers will receive the survey link from Techcombank's email address: no-reply@marketing.techcombank.com.vn to the email you registered with the bank.
Gifts: Participating in the program, customers will be participated in the lucky round with the opportunity to receive a Gotit e-voucher worth up to 5 million VND as a sincere thank you from Techcombank.


The gift from Techcombank will be sent to the phone number of the lucky customer within 20 working days after the end of the program.


(*) The program may end early if a sufficient number of target customer comments are recorded before the program deadline.