With the desire to always be a reliable companion on the superior business of the Enterprise, Techcombank continues to pioneer service upgrades through expanding the 24/7 service life of the Business Customer Service Center through the new Hotline 1800-6556 (local support) & 84-24 7303 6556 (international support) from October 19, 2021 with the top utilities:


1.  Superior Experience

  • Automatically identify customers based on phone number, connect directly with specialized support team
  • Get 24/7 support all the time even during holidays, Tet holidays
  • Address business requirements as quickly as 90% in the first call


2. Outstanding benefits

  • Convenient, anytime, anywhere trading, exceptional flexibility during epidemics
  • Serving a variety of products/services: e-banking; Accounts, payments, deposits; Corporate Visa Tech- debit card...
  • Multi-channel support: Hotline number, Email, e-banking...


3. Operator's manual 18006556


Video introduction to the Business Customer Care Center HERE 


In the time frame outside office hours (Monday – Friday after 17: 30; Saturday after 12: 00 pm), complex requests will be completed and processed in the next working day.


For example:

  • Transaction errors related to payment via F@st EBank
  • Defects related to state budget collection (tax/customs)
  • Support domestic money transfer transactions after the cutoff time of CITAD/BIDV/VCB...
  • Processing of ingestion cards/Card review/Transactions requiring approval step

Support for business customers via 1800 588 822 call center continues to be maintained but encourage Customers to use hotline 1800 6556 for a dedicated experience for business customers!