In recognition of customers’ support for and trust in the bank’s products and services, on the occasion of the bank’s 21st anniversary, Techcombank launched a promotion program titled “Joyful birthday, pocketful gold”, effective from 25 September 2014 to end of 23 December 2014.

Accordingly, customers who have deposit transactions, or borrow loans or open credit cards at Techcombank will have opportunities to get attractive gifts including 250,000 cash scratch card and 387 gifts in gold and cash at lucky draws with total amount of over VND 5 billion.

  • For every VND 5 million (or USD 250) saved under different products (*), you will receive one series for lucky draw every month and at the end of the program. There will be 48 prizes worth 1 gold mace each and 80 prizes worth VND 1 million each. 3 luckiest customers at the closing lucky draw will receive 5 gold taels each. Especially, new customer also receives raincoat plus 2 series for every 10 series received.
  • During 12 golden days, the bank’s anniversary and Fridays from 3 October to 19 December 2014, saving customers will have more opportunities for winning a cash scratch card.
  • Special gifts in 3 days - 25, 26, and 27 September 2014 will be awarded to customers who open savings deposit, borrow loans and open new credit card.

Customers choosing Phat Loc, An Loc, Truong Loc, Dac Loc savings with at least VND 500 million under the terms of the program, or Tai Tam/Superkid savings with VND 30 million will immediately be offered travel gifts.

Customers applying for loan with existing profile in the system will receive an umbrella. 

Customers applying for credit card will receive a raincoat.

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