On 30/5/2014 in Vinh Phuc province, Northern Power Corporation (EVN NPC) organized a workshop entitled “Key Energy Consumers 2014” to introduce the benefits and guide through energy audit solutions and effective energy management models. As the only bank to provide optimal financial solutions to enterprises involved in energy audit, Techcombank introduced outstanding financial benefits for enterprises’ sustainable and green development.

Accordingly, in addition to the all-in-one financial solutions that satisfy all financial needs of enterprises such as credit, transaction, cash-flow management, etc., enterprises involved in energy audit will be entitled to the following outstanding benefits.

• Loans with preferential interest rates and tenor up to 24 months; flexible principal repayment and collateral, streamlined and quick procedures;
• Opportunity to receive a special non-refundable grant from the Green Credit Trust Fund (GCTF) provided by the Swiss Government and credit guarantees for small and medium enterprises to buy new or replace production lines.

Energy has been a major concern of mankind, especially when non-renewable energy sources become increasingly scarce. In Vietnam, a study shows that electricity demand has increased rapidly over the years with minimum rate of 12-13% - doubling the GDP growth rate while the country’s energy sector growth rate only meets about 60% of the demand. Given such energy consumption, Vietnam's energy will become scarce and depleted while energy waste in production and construction, etc. is tremendous. In addition, the low energy utilization efficiency compared to developed countries increases production cost and reduces the competitiveness of the economy. Against this background, the significant role key businesses in energy efficiency should be put into perspective. It does not only help businesses reduce costs, but also contributes to the sustainable development of the whole community.

For energy efficiency, energy audit plays an important role in helping businesses to recognize the irrationality, loss and inefficient use, etc. thus, evaluating the potentials for energy savings. After the audit, consultants will propose solutions for efficient energy use and help businesses to reduce input costs of production, lower product prices, and increase competitiveness.

The all-in-one financial solution together with Techcombank’s benefits are important financial base to help enterprises involved in energy audits effectively implement energy saving solutions by upgrading production chain and technology. Thus, enterprises will achieve higher energy efficiency and effectiveness, save costs, improve production and business efficiency, strengthen brand value, protect the environment and develop sustainably.