According to the SBV’s decision, Techcombank will officially adopt CAR calculation by Basel II standards no later than 22 June 2019; and issue new or amend existing internal regulations as committed in document No 5040/2019/TGĐ-TCB dated 4/6/2019.

One of the most significant requirements of Basel II is to maintain CAR at no less than 8%. At the end of Quarter 1/2019, while Techcombank’s CAR (according to Circular 36) is kept at 13.8%, the Bank’s revenue and profit before tax both reached a record high of VND 4.2 trillion and VND 2.6 trillion, respectively.

“This decision by the central bank is good news for Techcombank, given our impressive business performance over the last 14 quarters. Accordingly, Techcombank will be allowed to manage our outstanding balances based on capital adequacy ratio. Currently, Techcombank’s CAR and other indicators such as ROA and ROE are very high not only for Việt Nam but also for the region. This is a big competitive advantage for Techcombank,” shared Nguyen Le Quoc Anh, Techcombank’s CEO. 

Techcombank has always been pro-active in adopting credit and operational risk management in its system to ensure sustainable development and transparency. It was the first bank successfully applying IFRS9 from 1 Jan 2018 while The Ministry of Finance recently proposed a Project on International Accounting Standard Application in Vietnam with the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS9) roadmap starting from 2022. IFRS9 (and previously IAS39) is a standard for recognition and measurement of financial instruments. For banking sector in general and Techcombank in particular, IFRS9 is a core standard, having critical impacts on financial data as 80% of banks’ balance sheet is managed by financial instruments. Techcombank has started presenting its financial statements by international standard since 2009, reinforcing trust of overseas partners, international rating agencies and foreign investors.

With its outstanding business performance, at the end of Quarter 1/2019, Techcombank’s 1.8% non-performing loan further demonstrated its focus on risk management, which lowers its provision by 80% against Quarter 1/2018. “We are proud of our sustainable performance, which is the direct result of successfully executing our customer-centric strategy. Techcombank will continue to grow its credit portfolio prudently in order to better serve our customers through the market’s business cycles, and to bring long-term value to our shareholders as well as our customers,” added Nguyen Le Quoc Anh.

This is such good news as Techcombank saw revenue growth in the past 14 consecutive quarters and managed to maintain its Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at 14%. 


Incorporated in 1993, Techcombank is one of the largest private sector joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam and one of the leading banks in Asia. It provides a broad range of banking products and services to more than six million individual and enterprise customers in Vietnam with an extensive network of 314 branches/transaction services outlets across Vietnam.

Techcombank has strived for an outstanding business model of customer centricity and technological application so as to provide top banking services. The Bank received numerous awards, including Best Bank in Vietnam 2018 by Euromoney, one of the world’s leading financial magazines
Techcombank’s shares, coded TCB, were listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) in June, 2018.
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