Awarding 112 “Scarf to school” scholarships to poor students with impressive academic performance
In celebration of the International Children's Day of June 1, on May 24, 2013, Techcombank jubilantly organized “Smart savings practice” Children’s Day in June 1 Kindergarten, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City with the participation of over 300 children and parents in the Kindergarten.
The Festival is one of typical activities of Techcombank in particular and of the community in general to commemorate the month for children. With the theme of “Smart Savings Practices”, participating children will learn how to smartly save money through numerous exciting and useful games. Children not only learn to make savings in their spending but also get familiar with  such kinds of savings as energy savings, time value, no food waste, and utensil, toy, and school supplies maintenance.
At the festival, Techcombank cooperated with the school and children’ parents to open Superkid savings accounts with the children themselves being account holders. This is a special product for children. Ever since, children’s parents will, together with their children, build up savings for their kids by accumulating small daily amounts as lucky money and bonuses that children receive for their good behaviour and academic achievements.
“Smart Saving Practice” Children's Festival will continue to be held at three other schools in Ninh Kieu and Binh Thuy districts. On this occasion, Techcombank has awarded 112 scholarships to poor students with outstanding academic results.
Mr.Vo Thanh Son, Director of Techcombank Can Tho branch, comments on the activity series: “As a responsible corporate citizen to bring prosperity and happiness for everyone of all walks of life, Techcombank has been making endless efforts in developing numerous practical and meaningful CSR programs. This constitutes an important aspect of Techcombank’s culture and brand and projects our good image to our customers and partners. Especially, we have been devoting great attention and significant investment in the field of education for the development of the country’s future generation.”