Accordingly, enterprises that are customers of Techcombank, or are interested in financial management digitalization solutions and Digital Banking for Business will be supported with a preferential package of up to 40% when purchasing Misa accounting digital transformation solutions (MISA eSign remote digital signature, MISA meInvoice, MISA AMIS accounting software):   


One Sign-Up – Double Benefit!   

Incentive program from Techcombank & MISA brings a set of solutions to digitalize financial management – smart accounting, helping businesses better manage cash flow and save 80% of time, management and transaction costs compared to the traditional way. At the same time, it supports improving productivity, growth rate and competitiveness of enterprises in the new context, reducing barriers on the transition process and promoting the development of Vietnam's digital economy.

With the desire to accompany the customers of the company, Techcombank overcomes the difficulties as well as a step to break the success in the business season at the end of 2022 as well as the beginning of 2023, the program "Double benefits – double incentives" from Techcombank and MISA hopes to bring useful financial and accounting management solutions, cost savings and create the most efficient conditions for businesses to do business.

Details of the program, please see HERE.              

(*) Note: The program applies until December 31, 2022 or until further notice, subject to conditions and terms.

If you need any assistance, please contact: 

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  Corporate Account Manager
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