From August 2013, customers who use F@st i-bank regular package can upgrade to F@st i-bank full package on F@st i-bank by themselves.

With F@st i-bank full package, customers can perform many transactions with the bank such as payment (air tickets, utilities bills…) or make online purchase on big payment portals, online deposits, money transfer via account numbers/card numbers/beneficiary’s phone number…and many other practical features.

Customers can rest assured that F@st i-bank uses the most secure two-factor authentication technology to date: transaction passwords include a password created by and known only tothe customers, and a password which is randomly generated for each transaction. Customers can register to use SMS token or token security device.

  Regular package F@st i-bank Full package F@st i-bank
SMS Token  Token Device
Randomly generated password No OTP is sent via SMS Generated by the token key
Service Balance inquiry Most banking services can be performed on F@st i-bank: payment, money transfer, opening and settlement of deposits books, individual financial management and service registration…
Fee Annual service fee of VND 20,000 Monthly service fee of VND 8,8000 Token security device purchase fee of VND 200,000
Annual service fee of VND 100,000

Enjoy F@st i-bank service with many attractive promotional programs that run throughout the year.

For further details, please contact our hotline 1800-588-822 (24/7 toll free).