With a desire to improve and diversify corporate customer experience in foreign exchange, Techcombank would like to introduce a new feature – FX Selling with Contract rate on F@st EBank, effective from 22 August, 2022 with great advantages:

1. Outstanding benefits:

  • Optimize financial efficiency with exchange rate as agreed with Techcombank.
  • Save time with all transactions are conducted entirely on F@st EBank. All accounting is done immediately upon completion of the transaction on FEB.
  • Easy to use, active in trading with the feature of entering and approving orders anytime, anywhere.


2.  Improved features:



Trading currency pairs Convert from following currencies USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, JPY, THB, CHF, CAD, HKD to VND.
Minimum trading volume Applicable for trading with minimum volume equivalent to 500,000 USD.
Maximum trading volume No specified.
Exchange rate Exchange rate negotiated between Client and TCB.
Account balance requirement No requirement for sufficient balance at trading time. Clients ensure to fund adequate FCY volume in T+0 for successfully transaction.
Documents No requirements for attaching supporting documents.


3. 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Customers negotiate and finalize transaction information with Relationship Manager/Teller of Techcombank via Over the counter or other electronic means (email/telephone…).
  2. Customers receive Deal reference (reference on Vision FX) from Relationship Manager/Teller of Techcombank.
  3. Customers create and Approve FX selling contract rate on F@st EBank.
  4. Customer enquiry and check transaction status which are automatically processed and updated on F@st EBank.

4. Note:

  • Contract rate is only available within T+0.
  • If customer do not make a transaction with-in T+0 as commitment with Techcombank, Customer has to bear penalty fee according to Techcombank regulations.
  • F@st EBank system allows customer to successfully approve FX selling contract rate on F@st EBank  when the customer’s account has insufficient transaction balance at the trading time. Customer needs adequate fund within cut-off time to ensure successful transactions without penalty fees.

5. For any inquiries, please contact us via:

1800 6556 (domestic) or +84 24 7303 6556 (international)
 Your Relationship Manager
  Techcombank's nationwide branches