Come and apply for personal loans with preferential interest rate to realize your plans.

The Bank is now offering mortgage loan, home equity loan, auto loan, and household loan with interest rate of 10.99% per year for the first 3 months,

along with 50% reduction in account management fee in the first year.

In addition, payroll customers can enjoy 12-month grace period for principal payment. After the grace period, customers will repay monthly principal and interest based on the outstanding balance.  Condition for applying for such loan is that payroll customers must receive a salary of at least VND 5 million per month for home equity loan, and at least VND 10 million per month for mortgage loan and auto loan.

Moreover, customers will get many other special benefits when applying for loans at Techcombank:

- Preferential insurance premium of 10-30%, waiver of premium for extended insurance benefit from our prestigious and selective insurance partners.

- Up to 2% reduction in interest rate when using investment account package.

- Reduction in interest rate up to 20% of margin depending on how long the loan is maintained with the Bank.

The program runs from May 7th 2013 to August 6th 2013. For further details, please contact Techcombank branches and transaction service outlets nationwide.