1. Program introduction

You want to buy a highly valuable item and are not financially ready? You need to have a financial management plan that is effective and reasonably balanced between expense and re-investment? Techcombank credit cards with installment function can meet your needs.

2. Benefits

Using the installment function by Techcombank's credit card, you can enjoy:

  • Shopping and multiple payments with preferential interest rate of down to 0%
  • Unlimited times for installment shopping for 1 customer and within 1 statement period
  • Simple and quick registration procedures.
  • Easy and convenient payment
  • Large number of partners in many areas, giving you more options when shopping.

3. User guide

To use the installment function by Techcombank's credit card,:

  • Visit the Techcombank-associated shopping centers and select your items
  • Perform payment procedures and swipe the card with the total product value
  • Fill the information in the Application for installment function by Techcombank credit card
  • Techcombank will inform the amount to be paid for each installment period in your monthly credit card statement.
0% installment partners