Information Techcombank & MISA
Subjects of application:​ Loyalty Corporate customers of Techcombank (*) Corporate customers of Techcombank
Conditions of application ​Sign up to use the e-Transaction service via email using the digital signature of Techcombank
Forms of incentives Free 1 year with 02 remote digital signatures of MISA (including initial software initialization fee and 1 year digital signature service package)​ 40% discount when purchasing each remote digital signature of MISA
Application period ​From 01/05/2022 to 31/07/2022​ From 01/05/2022 to 31/12/2022




Electronic transaction via email with Techcombank

Remote signature service MISA's eSign

  Save the cost of printing, shipping and archiving documents.


  There is no need to add hard copy documents after the transaction.


  Trade conveniently, anytime, anywhere via email.


  Secure transactions, absolute security.


  Digitization of the business operation process.


   Sign anytime, anywhere on phones, tablets, laptops, PCs... with many file formats: word, excel, pdf.


   No USB Token, SIM, Card required.


   Maximum security with European eIDAS technology, 2-factor authentication and phone device identifiers.


   Warp processing speed over conventional digital signatures, centralized document storage in the cloud.


   Ready to integrate with external systems (Tax, Social Insurance, Customs, Banking...)



(*)Applicable to Customers who receive Techcombank's notices

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Details of the promotion program have been sent by Techcombank to the enterprise's email. In order not to miss the exclusive privileges for Enterprises, please check your email for detailed instructions.


Contact Info
Please contact the nearest Techcombank branch or call the Bank's Business Support Center at 1800.6556 (domestic) or 84 24 7303 6556 (international) for more details.