Proving income to borrow loan from banks is a challenge for borrowers, especially for those who have unstable income. Our new product An Gia Phu Quy helps you minimize paperwork procedures to buy your dream houses.
Real estate market is believed to bottom out. Many people are thinking of owning their dream houses with finance from banks. However, complex lending processes and procedures are their concerns. Understanding your demands and concerns, Techcombank launched a new product named An Gia Phu Quy with outstanding features to help remove obstacles that you may encounter, specifically:

  • Streamlined income documents
  • You may immediately know how much you can borrow from the bank even if you have not provided collateral and loan application
  • Loan tenor up to 25 years
  • Loan to value up to 70%, maximum VND 10 billion.
  • Simple and quick evaluation and approval

This product brings to those who have unstable income and face difficulty in proving their income a peace of mind when borrowing loans from Techcombank. You just provide documents proving your job position in the case of individual customer or revenue in the case of household business and other basic personal identity papers.

To support you in finding and owning a dream house within your financial capacity, Techcombank will immediately let you know how much you can borrow from us based on some basic documents. This credit limit is valid for 3 months without requirements for additional papers. This is a breakthrough that best supports borrowers. In addition, Techcombank’s real estate loan has other outstanding features such as: allowing you to use your very house as collateral, flexible repayment plans or installment repayment with fixed amount during the loan term.

Let’s seize this opportunity to own your dream houses instead of saving or borrowing from friends and family members or waiting for more years.

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External Communication –Techcombank
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