I. List of winners

1. For the list of 200 winners of VND 500,000 refund in the first Round, click here
and for the list of 200 winners of VND 500,000 refund in the second Round, click here

2. For the list of 04 winners of Honda motorbike of the program “Opening DreamCard, winning Honda Motor”

# Name Customer ID Card N0 Seri No
1 PHAM THI PHUONG 23612106 422075XXXXXX5435 07768
2 ~~NGUYEN VAN QUANG ~~25951416 ~~422075XXXXXX7153 ~~014366
3 ~~NGUYEN MANH CUONG ~~22180995 ~~422075XXXXXX1922 ~~028206
4 ~~NGUYEN THI THU CUC ~~24457845 ~~42075XXXXXXX5453 ~~038176


II. Announcement of awards
2.1. Program rules
For each VND 500,000 worth of cumulative card payments/withdrawals during the program period, cardholders will receive 1 lucky draw number.

Eligible payment/withdrawal transactions should be those conducted with Techcombank Dreamcard cards during the Program period.


Number of awards: 4 first prizes of Honda Wave motorbikes and 400 second prizes at VND 500,000 equally allocated to the promotional months. The first month of the program is from May 9th to June 8th, 2014 and the second month from June 9th to July 9th, 2014.

2.2. Prize awarding
• Winners of VND 500,000 cash back: the amount will be credited to Customers’ account within maximum 30 days from the announcement of the winner list on Techcombank’s website.
• Winners of Honda motorbikes: Up to 30 working days from announcement of the winner list, Techcombank will contact the customers directly to give the prizes.