To support the best payment service to clients during the high peak period on digital banking channels, we would like to announce the adjustment of interbank payment hours on F@st Ebank (FEB) and Techcombank Business (TCBB) during Lunar New Year 2023 as follows:



Transaction type

Cut off time on FEB/TCBB

13, 16, 17, 18/01/2023

External Single transaction - VND


External Batch Transfer/Salary - VND



External Single transation - VND

Similar to COT of normal working day

External Batch Transfer/Salary - VND

Overseas Telegraphic transfer without FX embedded


Valid transactions under this COT will be processed before the Holiday

Overseas Telegraphic transfer with FX embedded

Adjust and re-submit repaired transactions returned by TCB Payment Center

Từ 20 đến hết

Nghỉ tết Âm lịch 2023


External Single transaction - VND


External Batch Transfer/Salary - VND


Từ ngày 28/01/2022

COT is opened as normal COT



Lưu ý:  

  • Single Transaction/Batch Transfer & Salary Payment in VND with value ≥ 200 billion, apply COT: 15h30
  • FCY Domestic Transfers follow Techcombank’s current regulations.

For more detailed information and support, please contact:

  • Relationship managers
  • Corporate Contact Center 1800 6556 or 84-24-7303 6556 Or visit the closest Techcombank branches or transaction offices.