With the goal of improving service quality and experience, increasing convenience and automation, Techcombank is pleased to announce that we will stop sending SMS for credit card transaction by year-end of 2022. 

Instead, Techcombank credit card holders can receive notifications of all transactions for free, more safe and convenient with Techcombank Mobile app.


Credit card transaction notifications will be moving to Techcombank Mobile is: 
Credit card payment transactions via POS & Online,
Credit card payment refund transaction via POS & Online.
Successfully paying off your credit card balance
Money withdraw at ATM

Other notifications from Techcombank to credit card holders will continue to be sending via SMS.


Please download Techcombank Mobile app to be fully notified of your credit card transaction.


For more detailed information and support, please contact:
Techcombank Call Center: 1800 588 822  - Email: call_center@techcombank.com.vn
Or visit the nearest Techcombank branches or transaction offices.