In order to improve service quality and ensure a specialized experience for Corporate customers, from 27/08/2022, Techcombank is pleased to announce the service of a unique Hotline number exclusively for Corporate customers: 1800 6556 (domestic) | 84-24-7303 6556 (international)


Accordingly, the general hotline number 1800 588 822 will only serve corporate customers until the end of 26/08/2022, and then separate to serve Techcombank's individual customers.

The 24/7 Corporate Customer service center will provide fast and accurate support services, respond to a variety of support requests, help businesses ensure seamless business operations with excellent service experiences: 

 Automatically identify customers based on phone numbers, connect directly with a dedicated support team. 
Get support anytime, anywhere 24/7 even during Holidays and Tet. 
Quickly resolve up to 90% of business inquiries on the first call.

Businesses please contact hotline 1800 6556 (domestic) | 84-24-7303 6556 (international) for the fastest response time. Learn more about the Corporate Customer Service Center - Hotline 1800 6556: HERE.

When you need advice and information, you can also contact: for Corporate customers for Large Corporate customers 
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