In order to ensure business continuity, improve service quality and enhance customer experience, Techcombank would like to announce "Testing schedule of technology services at backup system" as follows:

  • From 00:15 – 06:00 AM December 2nd, 2023 
  • From 00:15 – 06:00 AM December 3rd, 2023


During this time, some features on Techcombank Business will be out of service, specifically:

  • Transactions via Website and Mobile Application platforms of Techcombank Business, 
  • Receiving notification as following: Accounting/payment of electricity bills; Accounting/payment of water bills; Accounting for foreign currency purchases and sales


We would like to express our apology for the inconvenience.  


Information about the testing schedule will be continuously updated on our official communication channels including Techcombank website and Techcombank Vietnam fanpage.  


In case you need support, please contact:


Thank you for your understanding and we hope you will accompany Techcombank’s Be Greater journey.