In order to support the enterprise to digitalize financial management and save costs, Techcombank would like to announce that, from September 15, 2021, the Bank stops sending SMS with the balance fluctuations of less than 50,000 VND on the payment account of the enterprise
Instead, Businesses can receive notifications of the movements of all transactions on the account for free, more securely and conveniently with one of the following 2 apps:


1. E-banking F@st EBank

  • Step 1: Go to the website:
  • Step 2: Select the Account item
  • Step 3: Select Account Query Category to conduct a lookup


2. TCB OTP Application

  • Step 1: Open TCB OTP application
  • Step 2: Select Notifications
  • Step 3: Enter pin

3. For advice and support, please contact:

  • Corporate Customer Center: 1800 6556 (local) or 84-24-73036556 (international)
  • Email:
  • Or go to the nearest branch/trading office Techcombank