On the occasion of Techcombank’s 21st anniversary, the bank will offer multiple attractive offers to the bank’s cardholders. When making payment via card and opening new card, each customer will have opportunities to receive thousands of attractive benefits during the promotion period. In particular:
• GLP bonus miles applied from October 1 to November 30, 2014 for cardholders of Vietnam Airlines  Techcombank Visa co-branded card. Accordingly, Techcombank will give 500 bonus miles to the first 1,500 customers who have made cumulative payments of VND 30 million during the program. Especially, the first 500 customers who have made cumulative payments of VND 50 million will earn double benefit – 1,000 bonus miles.
• The double bonus mile program will run from October 1st to December 28th, 2014 for new customers who open Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Visa co-branded card and make transactions of VND 1 million to VND 10 million.
• 20% discount for airfares of domestic routes as specified by Vietnam Airlines will be applicable for payments via Techcombank Visa card on the website of Vietnam Airlines on Saturdays and Sundays of October 2014. Customers need to enter the code PR20TCB414 to receive the discount (which applies to the first 400 customers to purchase domestic flight tickets).
• 10 prizes for free shopping at supermarkets will be given to Techcombank Visa cardholders from October 1 to November 30, 2014, specifically as follows:

- 5 cardholders with the highest accumulative payment value via Techcombank Visa card during the program will receive a gift of 30- minute free shopping at supermarket for up to VND 20 million.
- 5 cardholders with the greatest number of transactions with Techcombank Visa card totaling at least VND 10 million during the program will immediately receive a prize of 15-minute free shopping at supermarket for up to VND 5 million.

• Particularly, Techcombank existing customers will get annual fee waiver when opening Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Platinum card prior to October 15th, 2014. Beside the standard functions of an international debit card, Vietnam Airlines Techcombank Platinum cardholders also enjoy a number of privileges in “Techcombank Concierge” 24/7 service (support available in both Vietnamese and English languages) such as free travel information advice, air ticket, restaurant, and hotel booking, flower and gift delivery, and lost baggage services while traveling outside Vietnam, and so forth.
• Especially, from now until October 22nd, 2014, all Techcombank Visa Platinum cardholders are entitled to buy the genuine iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus (home delivery) when contacting the call center of Techcombank Concierge: 08 3824 0576 or mailing to: TechcombankConcierge@aspirelifestyles.com
For further details, please visit our website: www.techcombank.com.vn or contact our Customer Service –
Telephone: 1800 588822 (24/7, toll free); email: Call_center@techcombank.com.vn.