Chance to immediately receive thousand of special gifts for Techcombank’s deposit customers

To celebrate the 22nd birthday, Techcombank starts "22 years-always keep the faith " program for deposit customers
Through the program, Techcombank wants to thank customers who always trust and use our services

From 25th September to 23rd December (*)

There are more than 56,000 Korean ceramic gifts with new pastel colors, very beautiful and modern. Let’s join and receive many special gifts:
  • Deposit customers from 200 millions for 1 month period(*) will receive 1 ceramic cup or 1 Ecup or 1 set of 2 rice bowls
  • Deposit customers from 500 millions for 1 month period(*) will receive 1 set of 2 soup bowls or 1 small ceramic cooking pot
  • Deposit customers from 1 billion for 1 month period(*) will receive 1 set of 4 rice bowls and 1 medium ceramic cooking pot

Moreover, from 25th September to 23rd December, deposit customers join the program will receive many promotions
  • Free account opening and free active Internet banking services
  • Free account in first year for customers receiving  interest through account
  • Free Internet banking and Mobile banking services in first year

(*) Terms and conditions applied (Click Here)
Note: the program may end soon in case running out of gifts 

For more information and fully supported, please contact the Customer Services
-Phone 1800 588822 (free 24/7) and get full support.