Digital Security

We protects digital users from potential 
scams, and show how you can protect yourself


Techcombank protects digital users



Techcombank implements secured website, two-factor authentication app login, and other system security control to protect customer accounts.

  • Two-factor authentication: Password and device biometrics to log in and make transactions
  • Secure, encrypted pages: The “closed lock” icon on our online banking site and website means that information transmitted from customer computer to Techcombank’s systems are encrypted.
  • Digital transaction is secure: Transactions that users make through Techcombank Mobile app and Online Banking are secured with a transaction signing steps on user’s device. Techcombank Mobile also use 3rd solution of advance mobile security solution to detect & prevent access from unsecure (jailbreak, rooted) devices.
  • Network security: Techcombank’s banking systems have firewalls that prevent unauthorized access to the system
  • Techcombank technical solutions: are comply with cybersecurity law & regulation of authorities and cyber international standards: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, etc. (if any)

Process to early-detect risk & fraud


Techcombank has additional measures to support customers to minimize risks such as early detection and risk prevention. As soon as a risk sign is detected, customers can contact Techcombank 24/7 to promptly resolve at the hotline for personal customers:

  • 1800 588 822 (local)
  • 84 24 3944 6699 (international)



  • Have security alert message and security guide in Techcombank Mobile app
  • Have communication on common/emerging fraud tricks and recommend customer how to act to prevent fraud (monthly or whenever emerging risk occurs)We use some of channels to alert customers: in Mobile app, via email/SMS channel, Techcombank fanpage, Techcombank website (would like customer to pay attention to this information/channels to have awareness and prevention methods)
  • Techcombank does NOT request customers to click on any link and login/verify any information. Techcombank NEVER asks customers to provide password/OTP to anyone, especially not to our staff or related parties. Any message requesting customers to do so - even when it seemed to be sent from the bank's official communication channel - is from fraudster and should be reported to Techcombank as soon as possible. 

General security tips for users

Protect yourself from unwanted scammers



  • Always validate the information you receive (contact number, web links, names, etc.) 
  • Always question uninvited approaches 
  • Regularly check bank and credit card statements for any unusual transactions or withdrawals and notify the bank immediately 
  • Protect your personal information, mobile phone and tablet devices
  • Promptly inform to the bank if having any awareness of suspected fraud, loss of mobile device/ security details; unusual/unauthorized transactions & activities of Techcombank Mobile App/Online Banking.
  • Only use Techcombank products and services which are introduced in Techcombank official channels as:  


Fanpage: Techcombank Viet Nam (with √)

Telesales: Northern region: 024 3228 3588 & Southern region: 024 3269 3188

Official branches national-wide

  • Do not reveal: OTP generated on App/ Web or sent via SMS; register passcode/ smart OTP, log-in credentials; personal/ financial/ bank account number/ number of credit and debit card to strangers or suspicious websites/ collectors
  • Do not allow others to access mobile device and register their face ID/ fingerprint on the device.
  • Never conduct any activities of sell, rent, or lend your digital account/ Online Banking account/ current account to anyone
  • Never click on any link with Techcombank name and products from an unofficial source.
  • Do not install apps with suspicion/from unorthodox sources due to the impossibility of control information security

Personal Online Banking PIN/ Password creation


  • Noof digits required: Length: 6 - 20 characters
  • Require at least 1 lower case, 1 upper case and 1 number.
  • Do not contain space, Vietnamese accents.
  • Allow special characters (!@#$%^&*(){}[]\<>?,./-_+=) but not mandatory; Not allow following characters: “ and ‘
  • Do not match the last 3 passwords.
  • Password does not contain username. 


Always set up two-factor authentication to enhance security for Techcombank apps

Digital Guarantees

In the unlikely event that users do suffer from online fraud/ loss of money, Techcombank guarantees a full refund of any money that has been fraudulently transferred out of user account via Techcombank ’s Internet and Mobile Banking service if the root cause is from Techcombank ’s system error, and:


Users totally protect their mobile/PC/ laptop devices, username + password, log-in credentials from fraud/ hack/ virus/malware activities

Users install the latest version of app/ OB and run with the latest personal information (National ID, mobile number, signatures, etc…)

Users have to update  with Techcombank immediately when there is a change in their contact details (mobile number, email address, etc.) for the purposes of receiving SMS alerts or email notifications for online banking transactions and activities.

Users inform bank immediately if:

  • Users are aware of any suspected fraud, including any compromise or loss of their security device or security details; or
  • Users receive SMS or e-mail alerts for transactions which they did not perform; or
  • Users are alerted on change of daily withdrawal limit or add beneficiary for transfer to an account which they do not know of or did not perform, and they furnish Techcombank with all information requested by the bank.