Flexible withdrawal of principal – Receipt of partial interest – Optimal profit
Enterprises no longer have to worry about flexibility of deposit contract when they have unexpected demands for capital. Flexible deposit allows enterprises to withdraw part of the principal but keeps preferential interest rate unchanged for the remaining deposit amount, or they can use deposit contract as collateral to borrow from our Bank with loan-to-value ratio (LTV) up to 90% of the remaining deposit amount.
Product features
Flexible deposit is a useful product for enterprises to optimize their idle fund with preferential deposit interest rate and many options of deposit terms

  • Currency: VND
  • Tenor: 1-12 months, 13 months, 24 months, 36 months
  • Minimum deposit amount: VND 200,000,000; minimum balance of VND 40,000,000 should be maintained in the deposit account
  • Interest rate: equivalent to announced interest rate of term deposit at the time the deposit is made
  • Partial withdrawal of the principal is allowed, with the remaining balance still earning interest at the original rate.

Benefits for enterprises

  • Partial principal withdrawal is possible without terminating the deposit contract prematurely
  • Optimal interest rate: demand interest rate is applied to the premature withdrawal amount, original interest rate applied to the remaining balance.
  • Enterprises can use the deposit contract as a collateral to borrow from Techcombank with LTV of up to 90% of the deposit balance
  • Convenience in transactions and financial management because enterprises need to use only one account/contract during the deposit period
  • Many tenors for customers to choose from

Target customers
Enterprises established and operate in accordance with Vietnamese law.
      Registration: Please contact our Bank for further details.