Owning your dream home and enjoying life with Techcombank! 

Desire to bring outstanding experiences with competitive financial products, Techcombank would like to introduce customers to the promotion program "More offers, full of love".

Applicable period: from 15/04/2022 to the end of 30/06/2022 or another period as decided by Techcombank periodically 


Customers can choose 1 of 2 forms freely:

Offer to donate money to Dedicated Account: Techcombank advances money into customers' dedicated accounts to pay premiums for the first year under the contract signed with Manulife Vietnam.

Offer to refund to Current Account: Customers buy insurance with Manulife Vietnam, then Techcombank will refund the insurance fee for the first year when the Insurance Policy has passed 21 days of consideration. 


Individual customers disbursing loans to buy real estate must meet the following conditions simultaneously: 
The loan is disbursed during the program period. At the same time, the customer commits to maintain the minimum loan at the end of the fixed interest rate according to the chosen plan. 
Meet other conditions according to the terms and conditions of the program



Customers using real estate loan products will immediately receive a life insurance package worth up to 1.47% of the loaSpecifically:

Preferential value = 1.4* (Disbursed balance * X * Fixed interest rate /12)

The X value is determined according to the following table:

Interest Rate Fixed Period X
6 months 2.00%
12 months 1.00%
18 months 0.69%
24 months 0.50%
36 months 0.35%

Please contact the customer service specialist at the branch to know the customer group and your benefits.

Particularly for customers who meet the above conditions; have used this real estate for lease to the Investor; has rental commitment income from the Investor and Techcombank manages this money source for the purpose of collecting loans; discounts from the program are applied according to the following formula:

Preferential value = 1.24* (Disbursed balance * X * Fixed interest rate /12)

See more program details More offers, full of love (updated)   


Customers are free to choose Manulife's representative insurance products distributed at Techcombank: Superlink, Outstanding Bach Loc Toan Gia, Premature Bao Phuc Security, and Preeminent Peace and Joy. 
Each life insurance plan from Techcombank and Manulife will meet a different need, tailored to the life stages of you and your family.  



With this meaningful gift, Techcombank believes that it will help you to be fully protected and enjoy a peaceful life in your new home! 
Contact a customer specialist at a branch or Techcombank's customer care service for 24/7 advice and support: 
📞 Techcombank Customer Service: 1800 588 822 (domestic) or 84-24-39446699 (international)   
📧 Email: call_center@techcombank.com.vn